Care Plans

Patients with long-term, complex medical conditions are entitled to  a personalised care plan.

This plan collects together all the information that will be relevant to help you and/or your carers manage your condition at home.

This plan is written with your input and is signed by both you and your GP.

This plan is reviewed annually  and certainly after any unplanned admissions to hospital or visits to Accident & Emergency to see if your care could be handled differently.

If you feel the care plan is not working, you can ask for a care plan review.

The Care Plan will be printed off for you to keep at home – make sure your family or carers know where it is in the event of an emergency.

The plan will also be stored within your computer medical records.

All the information in the care plan is private seen only by you and the people who give you care or support.

If you want someone else to be allowed to see the care plan you can say so.