Information for Young People

Calmharm (UK charity on children & young people’s mental health)

Clearfear (Free app to help with managing anxiety)

DistrACT (Provides help around self harm and suicidal thoughts)

The Mix (Essential Support for Under 25s)

Headspace (Guidance & training in mindfulness, free extended access during COVID19)

Kooth (Anonymous online support for young people)

MeeTwo (Helps teenagers to talk about difficult things)

MindfulGnats (Helps young people develop mindfulness and relaxation skills)

MindShift (Canadian app with advice managing anxiety and depression)

MoodGym (Interactive program to help with low mood)

Recharge-move well, sleep well, be well (Program to help improve mood and energy levels)

Sleepio (online sleep improvement programme)

Smiling minds (Australian app-based meditation programme)

Young Minds (Children & young people’s mental health)

Top tips for parents to help their young person (by Author Dr Dominique Thompson)